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Authors: Irfan, Muhammad
Keywords: Political Science
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: ;4030
Abstract: Safety is the basic right of human beings which is provided by the modern state under the umbrella of law. Rule of law is implemented by the governmental institutions like police and etc. Police can do the duty of enforcing laws for the creation of peace and prosperity in the modern state. Police have different and specified jurisdiction for the protection of peoples. Punjab police is working for the security of the peoples of the province of Punjab. Punjab Highway Patrol was established 2005 for the protection of 12 highways in the Punjab. Road are the life line of the development of the state and playing dynamic role for the political, socio and economic development of the state. If the roads are safe the state must be developed. Punjab Highway patrol police is mainly established for the safety measures on the road. There are two visions for the formation of PHP. First is the , decreasing the ratio of robbery, dacoity and motor vehicle snatching. Second is the provision of services, help rendering, changing culture, quick response in any need on the road. PHP is also having duty of educating the peoples about the rules and regulations of roads for the safety of the peoples being of the study. This study proved that 2005 to 2015 in the 150 PHP post of the southern Punjab escalate the role for the safety measures on the roads which detect the ratio of 80% and services provision of 95% to the peoples.
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