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Title: Perception of Pakistan’s Educated Youth about Kashmir Issue and its Possible Solutions
Authors: Shahzad ul Hassan, Shahzad ul Hassan
Keywords: Political Science
Issue Date: 2017
Series/Report no.: ;4516
Abstract: Youth can be defined as a source of energy that can bring development or destruction for a state depending upon the state‟s policy. Sixty percent of Pakistan‟s population falls into the category of youth. No country in the world can ignore the views of its youth. This research presents the perceptions of Pakistan‟s educated youth about Kashmir issue and discusses it‟s possible solutions according to their point of view. The starting point of the Kashmir issue actually was the decision declared by the British Viceroy in 1947 to divide the subcontinent into two countries i.e. India and Pakistan. It was decided that the Muslims majority areas will constitute Pakistan and the non-Muslim areas will constitute India. Kashmir was a Muslims majority areas but India occupied it by force. This is an exploratory study in nature. A semi-structure questionnaire was designed and administrated to the graduate level students in five universities of Islamabad. For this research the nonprobability sampling technique was used. The total 125 questionnaires were collected from respondents and their views and perception were sought. The analysis and discussion has been presented, according to the views of educated youth.
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