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Title: A Novel Framework of Mind Matching with Voice
Authors: Hussain, Sajjad
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 2016
Series/Report no.: ;3559
Abstract: Human’s voice reflect physical and logical personality of an individual. Classification of different human emotions can be achieved with help of also voice quality information and prosodic analysis. In my proposed theoretical model; I choice group of people that have same mantel status using voice analysis. 1 st voice will receive form individual or recorded then I use a circuit to eliminate unnecessary noise during PCM process. Currently used technologies of voice analysis have issues proposed model perform voice matching and provide suggested results that individuals are group of people having same mantel status or emotions. This is accomplish by various number of useful techniques commonly used techniques are voice quality features and prosodic analysis. This proposed theoretical novel framework provide a group of people those are selected and their voices are analyze with prosodic voice analysis that allows us to divide voices in different patterns with measurable values. Which helps me basis for emotion detection and mind matching. For this constituency 3D graphs will be generated. That graph will automatically leads me toward my goal that is emotion recognition and mind matching. Implication law is used to match the mantel level of these groups of peoples.
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