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Title: A Model for Regression Testing Optimization
Authors: Abbas, Waseem
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 2015
Series/Report no.: ;3665
Abstract: Automated and manual software testing leads towards unreliable products and loss in terms of business. To develop error free and quantifiable quality software's test cases are very important in all type of testing techniques. They should be written in such a way that they can test the software applications adequately. It is due to the fact that even after the completion of software application there is still need of software testing due to software change, technology change or software maintenance process. With the time and performing methods testing can be classified in unit testing, integration testing, system and stress testing. The other types are alpha, beta, regression, mutation, performance testing. Automated software testing has its fruits. However, there are a few misinterpretation with automated way of testing for example flawed comparison,massive dependency on commercial testing tools, UI (User Interface) based testing, test cases with broad objectives and trying to reduce cost with automation. A test strategy has three components that need to work together people, practice and process.Regression testing is important to verify that modified code is not containing the bugs. It almost consumes the most of time and resources of maintenance process. Selecting relevant subset of test cases from initial test cases. This should minimize cost of regression testing amount in terms of time and effort. Regression test selection methods select a subset of test cases from original test cases which were applied during previous testing stage or stages. This is the first technique applied to automated test software in test case prioritization.. Measurement is a primary element for controlling software process and managerial activities. Without measurement it is impossible to establish an industrial development of software systems. The majority of the matrix for testing primarily focused on process of testing rather than technological aspects of software testing. In general testing teams must rely on analysis, design and coding metrics that provide partial guidance when executing test cases. The ability of a test case to find defects and isolate them from the software. vi | P a g e Test case effectiveness ensures the software quality and minimizes the quality gap between the customer quality concern and developer quality concern. The factors which influence the test case effectiveness are parameters in testing process which change the test results, testing cost and schedule. Without proper consideration of these factors, we are unable to plan a smart testing strategy. designing a test case more or less is an art. The test case is a question which we may ask to a program and it must return some information which may satisfy some condition, situation or requirement. Test cases stores in a database have so many different features and when they are chosen to run over some artifact.
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