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Title: Hybrid Warfare, 5th Generation Warfare and Pakistan's Response: A Case Study of CPEC
Authors: Hussain, Sajjad
Keywords: Political Science
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: ;6040
Abstract: Warfare's ever-changing nature would have been categorized in different ―overlapping generations‖ and one who first ―recognizes, understands, and implements a generational change can attain an important advantage. Theory of the 4th generation warfare (4GW) which was firstly used in the ―US Marine Corps Gazette‖, is not only argued obvious progression of the warfare and this also suggested the dis-continuity in its type, preceded earlier‖ three generations of warfare‖. Subsequently, ―5th Generation Warfare (5GW)‖, as patented by the military theorists, requires an extended weapons development timeline and is a method of combating the psychological scourges of 4GW. The 5GW principle encompasses open source disputes and destruction of the opponent's device dynamics; thus, virtual states are formulated. The past decade, Pakistan has amply been exposed to 5GW dealing with it either directly or indirectly. Similarly, its geo-strategic significance and important economic opportunities in the form of CPEC coupled with vulnerable internal faultlines make it vulnerable to the application of Hybrid Warfare. Combined together, they are paving way for the current internal disorder and vulnerable national security environment. Accordingly, Pakistan needs to review and adapt its national strategies, concepts of warfare, and structures of force. The nation must be able to incorporate these modern technologies in an efficient and successful manner, to succeed in the current and ever-evolving nature of war. In view of this, this thesis carries out a comparison between 5GW and Hybrid Warfare, analyze their implications on Pakistan's national security particularly on CPEC, and suggest appropriate response options in various fields.
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